We call for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to be prosecuted for war crimes


Last weekend, thousands of people demonstrated in the Belgian cities of Liège, Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Mechelen and all over the world to protest against the massacre in Gaza and demand a ceasefire now!

Peter Mertens

A massacre that continues in the dark, while Israel has cut off electricity and internet access in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli attack is intensifying, and at all the rallies this weekend, Palestinians bore witness to the tragedy of losing nieces, cousins, aunts, fathers and mothers. Thousands of innocent civilians are dying, half of them children.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Israeli government wants to take advantage of the situation to carry out real ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

But thanks to pressure from the Palestinian people and protests around the world, things are beginning to change.

Peter Mertens, Secretary General of the PTB-PVDA and member of the federal parliament, made a clear appeal on Flemish national TV: "Besieging 2.3 million people, depriving them of food, fuel, water and means of communication and then bombing them: this is a war crime and an act of terror. Netanyahu should be prosecuted for this at the International Criminal Court in The Hague".

We're going to put the pressure on to achieve this, not only in the parliaments, but also and above all in the many actions and activities in solidarity with the Palestinian people being organised across the country in the days and weeks ahead.

We will continue to denounce these crimes and to take to the streets to ensure that Netanyahu is prosecuted and convicted, and that the Belgian government puts pressure on the Israeli government to stop the ongoing massacre, end the blockade on Gaza and put an end to colonisation.





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