Flood disaster and solidarity aid actions

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On Wednesday and Thursday, July 14 and 15, several European countries were hit by heavy rainfall and flooding. In Belgium, the disaster killed 41 people. Tens of thousands of people lost their belongings and became temporarily homeless. The PTB-PVDA launched an appeal for solidarity from day one: "We want to offer help now. Solidarity is a verb." A photo report.

Hundreds of volunteers joined the SolidariTeams, an initiative of the PTB-PVDA.

Dans la cave
Over three weeks and in full vacation season, more than 1,500 people answered the call to go and help in the affected areas in Liège, Namur and Luxembourg.


Inhabitants of Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, who together clear out a cellar or clean a school: they all speak the common language of solidarity.


Every helping hand means a glimmer of hope. Ordinary people help ordinary people. A bowl of soup. A listening ear. A dose of warmth, humanity.
PTB-PVDA president Peter Mertens also rolled up his sleeves.
The disaster revealed many shortcomings of the Belgian authorities. The cuts in public services, such as civil protection, are now making themselves painfully felt.
15,000 families are looking for a new or temporary shelter. The PTB-PVDA demands that the government requisition the vacant properties of large owners.
The SolidariTeams are continuing their work. This remains necessary, because for tens of thousands of people this ordeal is far from over.


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