The Big Survey: the PTB-PVDA wants the opinion of 100,000 people


On August 25, Raoul Hedebouw and Sofie Merckx launched The Big Survey in Seraing as the starting point for the election campaign. For 4 months, PTB members will be going out to meet people in markets, neighbourhoods and factories to listen to their concerns and seek their opinions on how to change society and define the priorities for the PTB's electoral programme.

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You can also complete the online survey in English at

Many people today don't feel heard. And they're right. Governments make decisions in their Rue de la Loi (the seat of government) bubble, relying on overpriced consultancies and communication via paid newspaper ads.

The failure of tax reform, the 67-year pension and the defense of MPs' pension supplements are all examples of this reality.

Raoul Hedebouw, president and national spokesman of the PTB-PVDA: "We do politics in a completely different way. By listening to people, starting with their priorities and transforming these into collective battles and victories. We offer a positive, social alternative to the growing disgust and democratic crisis. Since they're not listening to the people over there on Rue de la Loi, we're going to make their voices heard."

The Big Survey is divided into ten themes - six national and four local - on which you can express your priorities. The first question is open-ended, and in addition to the PTB's proposals, you can add your own answers for each theme.

The aim is to get out there and have discussions with 100,000 real people.

"This is an ambitious goal, but one that is in line with the PTB's growth in recent years," says Raoul Hedebouw.

For the occasion, the party chartered a special bus in the campaign colors. It will tour the country, stopping off in various towns and cities. Raoul Hedebouw and Sofie Merckx launched the big survey in Seraing aboard this bus.

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