Stop the massacres in Gaza, stop Israel's impunity !


Gaza can’t wait any longer! 60,000 of us launched this urgent appeal in the streets of Brussels, Saturday 11 November.

A march for Palestine on a scale not seen for decades. Dozens of organisations took part: the ABVV/FGTB (Belgian General Federation of Labour) and the ACV/CSC (confederation of Christian trade unions), the NGOs and solidarity organisations, Palestinian organisations, progressive Jewish associations, Intal, Viva Salud, Vrede,... And a strong presence from the PVDA-PTB and its spokespersons.

We need an immediate ceasefire. As you read this, a child is dying there every 10 minutes. The massacre must stop and it's time to put an end to Israel's impunity. 

We're not giving up. 

#Free Palestine





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