Raoul Hedebouw will head the PVDA-PTB list for the federal elections in Liège


Raoul Hedebouw will head the PVDA-PTB list for the House for the Liège constituency, on 9 June. He will also be the only party president to campaign nationwide.

RaoulRaoul explains: "I'm a candidate in the Liège constituency, where we'll be fighting to continue increasing our scores. And I'll be campaigning all over the country, from West Flanders to Hainaut via Limburg through Liège, of course. I'll be taking part in the debates between party presidents from the North and South. And I'll do it in both national languages. It's a unique experience in the country's recent history, just like our party, the only one that is still a national party and defends the country's unity. It's a big challenge, but I'm very motivated to achieve our goals."


The PVDA-PTB has become a party that matters across the country: "We're here to stay. We are becoming increasingly rooted and influential in the country's three regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. With these elections, we want to confirm and amplify this momentum. Our goals are the same everywhere: a social alternative and a unified country."


Raoul will lead a team of diverse candidates to the federal Parliament. Some of them are established names such as Peter Mertens, Sofie Merckx, Nadia Moscufo and Nabil Boukili. But there are many new faces as well, such as Farah Jacquet, Natalie Eggermont, Robin Tonniau and Kemal Bilmez.


"We've already elected several working-class representatives in 2019. We want to expand this team to amplify the voices of young people, the working world and all those who want to break away from today's society."

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