Photo report of the solidarity actions with the Palestinian people in Belgium


The weekend of 15-16 May, all over the world, from Brussels to Johannesburg, via New York, Washington and London, citizens of all origins gathered to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people on the occasion of the 73rd commemoration of the Nakba, which refers to the consequences for the Palestinians of the occupation and colonization by Israel in 1948. This year, the Nakba, a day of commemoration but also and above all of resistance, has a special meaning while the Israeli army is bombing Palestinian civilians.

On Saturday, 6,000 people gathered in Brussels at the call of various progressive organizations. The PTB and its youth organizations RedFox and Comac were present. On Sunday, Antwerp, Ghent, Verviers, Genk, Hasselt and other cities hosted solidarity actions for Palestine.

In Antwerp, 800 mostly young people responded to the call of RedFox and Comac, the youth organizations of the PTB. In Ghent, 1,000 people responded to the call of the Palestinian community. "It is necessary that we are here with a lot of people because even today there are people who say that this is a conflict between two equal parties. But there is no equality between an oppressor and the the oppressed," said Amina Vandenheuvel of RedFox.

Stop impunity. It is time for the European Union and the Belgian government to stop supporting the Israeli settlement policy and to take economic and political sanctions against Israel.

All our solidarity with the Palestinian people. #FreePalestine

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