New book MUTINY: presentation in Paris, April 2

Peter Mertens

After its success in Flanders, Peter Mertens, General Secretary of the PVDA-PTB, presented the French edition (Ed. Agone) of his latest book ‘Mutiny. How our world is tilting’ on March 5 in Brussels, in front of hundreds of people, in the beautiful Studio 4 of Flagey.


Peter Mertens will present the French translation of his new book in Paris on Tuesday, April 2 at La Bellevilloise, accompanied by Benoît Bréville (director of Le Monde Diplomatique), François Ruffin, Laetitia Riss (editor-in-chief of Le Vent Se Lève) and Laurent Brun (interprofessional union leader CGT). Admission is free, but registration is mandatory, here

The book ‘Mutiny’ focuses on the return of class struggle and the geopolitical changes at work today. Peter Mertens offers a thorough and educational analysis of these global changes while proposing perspectives for the left today. Mutiny takes us on a crazy journey behind the scenes of power: from food speculation to sky-high interest rates, to oil super-profits.

The compass? Simple things: a healthy meal, affordable bills, a decent income, a livable environment. Mutiny crisscrosses the world's oceans to forge links between coffee producers, lithium miners, or people who no longer wish to live under the yoke of the dollar. ‘Mutiny’ gives a voice to those on the lower deck of the ship. In the North as well as in the South. A refreshing look at the global balances in full swing.

You can order the book online here.

Also in other languages

English, Spanish, German and Portuguese editions of ‘Mutiny’ are in preparation. 

The book launching of the English edition will take place in London on Tuesday 30 April, in the BolívarHall, with Peter Mertens, Vijay Prashad and other political and trade union figures.

A multimedia project
‘Mutiny’ is not just a book, it is also a documentary series and an audio podcast. With the Fakto media outlet, Peter Mertens travelled to Johannesburg, Berlin and London to take the pulse of this new world in the making. From the historic strike wave in the UK to the South's revolt against the old world order: over four episodes, Peter Mertens meets experts from all over the world to sketch out the contours of a world in the throes of change. 

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