Kick-off of the PVDA-PTB electoral campaign


It is in an exciting atmosphere that the PVDA-PTB presented its program of rupture on Sunday, March 10 during the electoral congress which brought together candidates for the European, federal and regional elections on June 9. With those who are the faces of change, with our members who are fighting on the ground for more social justice. 🫶

Our program is the result of an unprecedented democratic process: 104,098 people gave their opinion through our Great Survey. We will now fight for the following priorities: tax justice, purchasing power, a social climate policy, and an end to politicians' privileges. It is time to break with policies that harm us. Time to dare to go get the money where it is to invest in society. We will defend these commitments before, during, and after the elections. Together, let's impose change.

👉 Discover our program: (in French)

👉 Next step: over 150 meetings of the 'PVDA-PTB On Tour', all over Belgium.



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