Impressive mobilisation and determination of health workers on the streets of Brussels on 7 December


The same concern is on everyone's lips: "When our non-vaccinated colleagues are dismissed, who will take care of the patients?"
Anger is everywhere, because they know what it costs them to do their job in such difficult conditions.


👩⚕️ "We don't have fifteen minutes to do a toilet for our patients." "With us, it's just ten minutes! Patients feel they are treated like numbers. It breaks my heart."


👩🏾⚕️"We were thrown into the covid ward without masks, without protection. We worked long days in solidarity with our colleagues. And today they want to fire us?"


✊✊✊Respect for all the workers who are mobilising to revalue their profession and the quality of health care. Respect for those who were there today, and for all the colleagues who ensured the continuity of care. The PTB is at your side to continue the fight.


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