General strike in Belgium very successful


From Antwerp to Liège, from Charleroi to Ghent, from Mons to Genk... the working class is sending out a clear message at their general strike this Wednesday, November 9, demanding a freeze on energy prices and the freedom to negotiate wage increases.

Metal, distribution, chemistry, transport, logistics, education and nurseries, service vouchers... Many sectors are affected by this great day of strike and action for our purchasing power. Hundreds of members of the PTB-PVDA, its student movement Comac and its youth movement RedFox went to visit the picket lines, to support the trade unionists and their demands.

Why this action? In recent months, record profit margins have been accumulated by large companies. Why shouldn't the workers in these sectors demand a fair share of the cake?

It is not wages that are endangering the economy, but the multinational Engie that is making money from households, SMEs and the self-employed.

Many countries have already frozen energy prices, including France. What is the Belgian government waiting for to do it here?

The government and big business are always in a hurry to freeze the wages of the working class. But when it comes to confronting the energy multinationals and taxing their excess profits, there are not many people left. It's time to get moving.

We continue the fight!

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