8 March, day of action and demonstration for equality between women and men


On Sunday, March 8, throughout Belgium and around the world, thousands of women stood up to make their voices heard. From Charleroi, to Ostend, via Liège, Brussels, Ghent, Namur, Mons, Kortrijk and Leuven. Women everywhere stood up to say STOP to pay inequalities, STOP to violence against women and to the many forms of discrimination still all too present in our society. (Photo: 10,000 demonstrators in Brussels)

They were 700 in Antwerp at the march against sexism followed by the festival of the women's strike. The photo shows a group of women singing and dancing to the Chilean women's song "A rapist on your way".
14 euros
"Nothing less than 14 euros an hour! "
At the "De Mick" home for the elderly in Brasschaat (near Antwerp), the staff show their solidarity with the feminist movement by wearing purple scarves.
In Brussels, Maria Vindevoghel, member of the federal Parliament for the PTB-PVDA, thanks the many participants in the event and already sets a date to meet in the streets next year - but also every day from now on - to continue the fight.
In Charleroi demonstrators buried the patriarchy and its band of discriminations against women. Bye-bye 20% wage gap! Bye bye lack of means in maternity hospitals to guarantee a serene environment for future mothers! Bye bye domestic violence, feminicides, sexual assault, rape!. Goodbye!
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